Stephen Alan Salon only uses the very best products for each hair cut and color in our Yorkville, IL, salon. View our products listed below, and contact the salon to book your appointment.

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Paul Mitchell Marula Oil Hair Products

Marula Oil

Not all oils are equal. Cold Pressed Marula Oil pampers hair and skin with a non-greasy multitasking oil. Instant softness, condition and shine.

  • Rare Oil Replenishing Shampoo
  • Rare Oil Replenishing Conditioner
  • Rare Oil Intensive Masque
  • Rare Oil Treatment
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Paul Mitchel Neon Hair Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Every girl is unique and style should be fun! Our color-safe, sugar-infused hair care products make it easy to create any look you can dream up. Together let’s create a world where everyone can be themselves and shine.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirror Smooth Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirror Smooth

A proven system that works from the inside out to smooth the cuticle, reduce frizz, add intense shine and protect against thermal damaging.

  • Mirror Smooth Shampoo
  • Mirror Smooth Conditioner
  • Mirror Smooth High Gloss Primer
Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hair Products - Stephan Alan Salon

Awapuhi Wild Ginger

Keratin Rich products help restore damage caused by heat styling and chemical processing

  • Moisture Lather Shampoo
  • Keratin Cream Rinse
  • Keratin Intensive Treatment
  • Hydrocream Whip
  • Texturizing Sea Spray
  • Shine Spray
  • Styling Treatment Oil
  • Hydromist Blowout Spray
KerActive Blonde Paul Mitchell Producst - Stephan Alan Salon


KeraActive ingredients smoothes, strengthens and replenishes while gently repairing damage and sealing the cuticle.

  • Forever Blonde Shampoo
  • Forever Blonde Conditioner
  • Forever Blond Dramatic Repair Spray
  • Platinum Blonde Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Curling Hair Products - Stephan Alan Salon


Hydrates and controls so everyone can celebrate their natural beautiful curls. Zero Sulfate. Zero Frizz. Zero Crunch.

  • Spring Loaded Shampoo
  • Spring Loaded Frizz-fighting Conditioner
  • Full Circle Leave-in Treatment
  • Ultimate Wave
  • Twirl Around
Paul Mitchel ProTools - Stephan Alan Salon


Straighten, sculpt and smooth strands with these styling essentials from Paul Mitchell

  • Express Ion Round Brushes
  • Styling, Sculpting, Tease and Paddle Brushes
  • Express Ion Dryer+
  • Express Ion Smooth +
  • Express Ion Unclipped 3 in 1
  • Express Ion Style Iron
Paul Mitchel Neuro Collection - Stephen Alan Salon

Neuro Collection

Neuro Tools are crafted from industrial grade components under rigorous quality control. Creative vision, powered by cutting edge technology: that’s intelligent styling.

  • Neuro Smooth
  • Neuro unclipped Curl Iron
  • Neuro Dry
  • Neuro Cell
Paul Mitchel Mitch Collections - Stephan Alan Salon


Style isn’t born, it’s groomed. Created just for men. MITCH makes great grooming easy.

  • Heavy Hitter Shampoo
  • Double Hitter 2 in 1 Shampoo
  • Construction Paste
  • Hardwired
  • Steady Grip Gel
  • Barber’s Classic Pomade
  • Clean Cut Cream
  • Reformer Texturizer
Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Special Products - Stephan Alan Salon


Tingle. Invigorate. Renew.

  • Tea Tree Special Shampoo
  • Tea Tree Special Conditioner
  • Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment
  • Tea Tree Shaping Cream
  • Tea Tree Styling Gel
  • Tea Tree Shave Gel and Body bar
Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Lemon Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Awaken. Refresh. Energize. Thicken.

  • Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo
  • Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner
  • Lemon Sage Thickening Spray
Paul Mitchel Tea Tree Lavender Mint Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Tea Tree Lavender Mint

Calm. Cool. Quench. Moisture.

  • Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Tea Tree Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner
Paul Mitchel Ultimate Color Repair Products - Stephan Alan Salon


Quinoa color locking system. Vibrant color for up to 9 weeks

  • Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo
  • Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner
  • Ultimate Color Repair Triple Rescue
Paul Mitchel Original Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Discover Paul MItchell’s original favorites.
Cleanse, condition and protect any hair type or texture with Paul Mitchell® Original.

  • Shampoo One®
  • Awapuhi Shampoo®
  • The Conditioner™
  • The Detangler®
  • Hair Repair Treatment®
  • Seal and Shine®
Paul Mitchel Clarifying Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Give your hair a fresh start. Deeply cleanse and purify strands from the inside out with Paul Mitchell® Clarifying.

  • Shampoo Two®
  • Shampoo Three®
Paul Mitchel Color Care Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Color Care

Be brilliant. Gently care for your color-treated hair with Paul Mitchell® Color Care, featuring sunflower extract for natural UV protection and head-turning, long-lasting color.

  • Color Protect® Daily Shampoo
  • Color Protect® Daily Conditioner
  • Color Protect® Reconstructive Treatment
  • Color Protect® Locking Spray
  • Platinum Blonde Shampoo™
Paul Mitchel Express Style Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Express Style®

Get your style up to speed. Create clean, modern looks in a flash with Paul Mitchell® Express Style.

  • Fast Form®
  • Hot Off The Press®
  • Quick Slip™
  • Round Trip®
  • Hold Me Tight™
  • Worked Up®
Paul Mitchell Extra Body Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Extra Body

Step out with style that’s larger than life. Go for big, bold body and volume with Paul Mitchell® Extra-Body.

  • Extra-Body Daily Shampoo®
  • Extra-Body Daily Rinse®
  • Extra-Body Daily Boost®
  • Extra-Body Sculpting Gel®
  • Extra-Body Sculpting Foam®
  • Thicken Up®
  • Extra-Body Finishing Spray®
  • Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray®
Paul Mitchel Firm Style Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Firm Style

Empower your style. Reach for Paul Mitchell® Firm Style to create bold looks with a powerful, long-lasting hold.
Paul Mitchell® Firm Style Products

  • Super Clean Sculpting Gel®
  • Dry Wax™
  • Freeze and Shine Super Spray®
  • Super Clean Extra®
  • XTG
Paul Mitchel Flexible Style Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Flexible Style

Switch up your style. Create versatile looks with medium hold and long-lasting memory with Paul Mitchell® Flexible Style.

  • ESP ®
  • Super Sculpt™
  • Hair Sculpting Lotion™
  • Re-Works®
  • Slick Works®
  • Spray Wax™
  • Wax Works®
  • Sculpting Foam™
  • Fast Drying Sculpting Spray™
  • Super Clean Spray®
  • Volumizing Spray™
Paul Mitchel Kids Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Make bath time fun time! Gently cleanse and detangle even the most sensitive strands with
the mild, soothing formulas of Paul Mitchell® Kids.

  • Baby Don’t Cry® Shampoo
  • Taming Spray®
 Paul Mitchel Moisture Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Keep silky shine on tap. Quench dry, dull tresses with the deep hydration of Paul Mitchell® Moisture, featuring the Instant Moisture® Complex.

  • Instant Moisture® Daily Shampoo
  • Instant Moisture® Daily Treatment
  • The Wash®
  • Super-Charged Moisturizer®
  • Awapuhi Moisture Mist®
  • Awapuhi Moisture Mist® (aerosol)
  • Awapuhi Bar®
Paul Mitchel Smoothing Products - Stephen Alan Salon


Sleek is chic. Get the skinny on smooth, shiny, silky hair with Paul Mitchell® Smoothing, featuring the Super Skinny® Complex to slim down locks and reduce drying time.

  • Super Skinny® Daily Shampoo
  • Super Skinny® Daily Treatment
  • Super Skinny® Serum
  • Super Skinny® Relaxing Balm™
  • Gloss Drops®
  • Straight Works®
Paul Mitchel Soft Styling Products - Stephen Alan Salon

Soft Style

Keep it natural. Create polished looks with a light, touchable hold with Paul Mitchell® Soft Style.

  • Soft Sculpting Spray Gel®
  • Foaming Pommade®
  • Soft Spray®
  • Super Clean Light®
  • The Cream®
  • The Shine™
  • Heat Seal®
Paul Mitchel Soft Styling Products - Stephen Alan Salon


  • grooming spray
  • dry paste
  • shave cream
  • original pomade
  • skin and beard lotion
  • beard oil
  • cooling aftershave
  • shave cream
Paul Mitchel Soft Styling Products - Stephen Alan Salon


  • anti-thinning shampoo
  • anti-thinning conditioner
  • tonic
  • anti-thinning root lifter
Paul Mitchel Soft Styling Products - Stephen Alan Salon


  • Boomerang restyling mist
  • Undone texture hairspray
  • Memory shaper
  • Pump me up
  • Brunette dry shampoo
  • Volume Whip
  • Cloud whip
  • Air gel
  • Velvet cream
Paul Mitchel Soft Styling Products - Stephen Alan Salon


  • Boomerang restyling mist
  • Neuro Lather
  • Neuro Rinse
  • repair treatment
  • Protect
  • Lift
  • Prime
  • Finish